There are schools that love the crimson
While others favor blue;
There are those who shout for orange
Or to white are ever true
But Nebraska City High School
Will surely always hold
There are no other colors
Like the Purple and the Gold.

Through the four long years of high school
'Midst scenes we love so well
As the mystic charms of knowledge
We vainly seek to spell
Or we win athletic victories
Through our teams so brave and bold
Still we work for the high school's honor
and the Purple and the Gold.

When the cares of life o'er take us
Mingling fast our locks with gray,
Should our dearest hopes betray us,
False fortune fall away...
We will banish care and sadness
Nor forget as we grow old
To recall those days of gladness
'Neath the Purple and the Gold

Miss Harriett Bell, the Nebraska City Schools' vocal music teacher from 1909 to 1918, wrote the three verses to "The Purple and the Gold." She used the Princeton School Song that is in the 1885 edition of the Ginn Academy Song Book. The music was written by Clarence B. Mitchell and Frances Shachelton.